Roadside and Custom Spraying

Focus IVM offers multiple packages to protect and control adjacent property from difficult weeds, which may be present in roadside ditches. Focus IVM conducts seasonal roadside herbicide applications targeting specific weeds. 

The program includes a three-year rotation of treatment, with patch spraying and broad spraying of select locations. In addition to controlling weeds, the application of herbicide is intended to prevent these invasive weeds from encroaching on roadways and to remove tall, undesirable broadleaf plants, which impair sightlines and present a safety hazard to motorists. 

Oil Field Lease Spraying

Focus IVM Ltd. provides a variety of herbicide application methods including battery site application as well as lease site spraying. Our company also caters to residual and non residual application in these areas, effectively and proficiently.



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Focus Industrial Vegetation Management LTD (IVM) was formed in 2015, and has since provided reliable and sound vegetation management control for our clients. 


With various clients in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta, we offer many options to proactively and efficiently control difficult weeds in tough areas.


We offer services such as road side spraying, lease and oil field spraying/maintenance and many other services. We take pride in providing a very detailed list of observations and practical solutions for our customers.



Kenny Somerville


General Manager

Codie Cumiskey



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Matthew McKinnon



Quinton Somerville


Programs Manager

Sydney McEvoy

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Morale Officer and Shop Mascot

Penny Cumiskey


Training and Certification

• WHMIS 2015

• Transportation of Dangerous Goods

• UTV/ATV training

• First Aid & CPR

• Fall Protection 

• H2S Alive

• Occupational Health & Safety Committee Training 

• Safety in Supervision Training

• Herbicide Applicators Certification for Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. 

• Drivers License any of the following, position specific–Class 1; Class 3; Class 5; A endorsement; G endorsement

• Ground Disturbance level II 

• PST 


Focus IVM Ltd. Scholarship

The Focus IVM Ltd. Scholarship is designed to give back to the community by supporting the pursuit and development of passionate future industry leaders. The $1,000 scholarship is open to any student pursuing post-secondary education leading to a diploma or degree in any field.


To apply, the applicant must type a short one-page essay based on a question related to their future plans. Currently, the question is: “Why are you pursuing a post-secondary education?”


All applications can be submitted by mail or email. Thank you and good luck!



Office: 1-306-967-1661

Codie Cumiskey: 1-306-962-7775

Kenny Somerville: 1-306-463-9296

Matthew McKinnon: 1-306-460-4948


Eatonia, Saskatchewan

6th Ave W

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2016 recipient: Garrett King
2017 recipient: Tessa King
2018 recipient: Max Eckstein
2019 recipient: Danielle Townsend

Proudly Serving Western Canada


Pipeline Right of Way Spraying

Focus IVM uses effective chemical control measures to prevent invasive weeds from becoming issues on right of ways and large pipe yards.

With mobile units that can effectively and efficiently target to control weeds on any type of terrain, our methods can accurately maintain all pipeline sites from invasive weed pressure.

Focus IVM can recommend proper methods and products to safely control any weeds found on site.