Focus IVM is a professional vegetation management company that is able to provide:

  • Recommend and conduct a comprehensive vegetation management plan specific to each customers needs.

  • Provide early detection of difficult to control weeds with a proactive approach.

  • Accurately control the weed pressure with modern technology, techniques and equipment.

  • Match the targeted weed spectrum with the proper method/product of control.

  • Insure all surrounding special areas are protected from damaging invasive weeds and chemical damage.

  • Insure all employees and the surrounding public have a safe work area.

Working Together to Accomplish the Same Goals

Roadside Spraying & Custom Spraying

Focus IVM offers multiple packages to protect and control adjacent property from difficult weeds, which may be present in roadside ditches. Focus IVM conducts seasonal roadside herbicide applications targeting specific weeds. The program includes a three-year rotation of treatment, with patch spraying and broad spraying of select locations. In addition to controlling weeds, the application of herbicide is intended to prevent these invasive weeds from encroaching on roadways and to remove tall, undesirable broadleaf plants, which impair sightlines and present a safety hazard to motorists. 

Roadside Sprayed

Roadside Not Sprayed

Oil Field Lease Spraying & Maintenance
Pipeline Right of Way Spraying 

Focus IVM uses effective chemical control measures to prevent invasive weeds from becoming issues on lease sites, right of ways and large batteries sites. With mobile units that can effectively and efficiently target tough to control weeds on any type of terrain, Focus IVM can accurately maintain all oil field sites from invasive weed pressure. Focus IVM can be recommended the proper methods and products to safely control any weeds found on site.   

Commercial Snow Removal  

Focus IVM offers commercial snow clearing services for effective and efficient removal of snow that can make areas hazardous. It can be difficult and expensive and it’s always unpredictable. With mobile and commercial grade equipment, Focus IVM can provide you with 24-hour snow plowing and removal services throughout the winter season. We recognize the importance of having clean, well-maintained, and safe commercial areas to ensure the easy flow of traffic in business locations. Ease and accessibility are priorities for us when working with our commercial clients.


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